About Native Health Careers

Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat

The Native Health Careers website, originally created as part of a federally funded Health Human Resources Strategies, is an initiative of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs (APC). This site’s purpose is to help Aboriginal youth in Atlantic Canada discover and learn about the many career opportunities in the field of health and health care.

The Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs recognizes the importance of Health in First Nations Communities. The Health Team at APC:

  • Provide relevant information on health issues/concerns to Chiefs, regional Health Directors, and Health Technicians, etc.

  • Work collaboratively with regional, provincial and national programs and initiatives

  • Coordinate the annual Atlantic First Nations Health Conference

  • Act as an advocate for First Nations health concerns/issues on behalf of Atlantic First Nations communities

  • Act as an advocate for the Mi'kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Health Board (MMAHB)

Some of the Health Programs supported/coordinated by the APC Health Team include:

  • Aboriginal Health Human Resource Initiative (AHHRI)

  • Mi'kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Health Board (MMAHB) and its associated Health Advisory Committees

  • Mi'kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Youth Council (MMAYC)

  • Youth suicide prevention activities through MMAYC and the coordination of the First Nations Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Network

  • Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve annual calendar contest


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