Addictions Counsellor

Addictions Counsellors work with individuals who are experiencing problematic substance use or other addictions. As an addictions counsellor, you are continually developing addictions counselling skills and prepared to work in front-line positions in the field of addictions. Addictions counsellors counsel, develop and implement treatment plans  for individuals, families and other groups affected by addictions. Employment opportunities exist within assessment and referral service agencies, treatment centers, halfway houses or rehabilitation centers. Also known as Counsellor/Advisor, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counsellor, Rehabilitation Services Practitioner, Substance Abuse Counsellor.  This work can be both emotionally rewarding and emotionally draining.

Skills Required

  • emotional maturity and a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • have patience
  • tolerance for beliefs and values that are not their own
  • belief that individuals, families and communities have the ability to make changes with support
  • excellent communication and presentation skills
  • the ability to manage time effectively
  • should enjoy working with people, synthesizing information to find innovative solutions to problems, and helping others

Education/Training Required

An undergraduate degree or college diploma in a social services related field is usually required.

Schools Offering Career Program

Nova Scotia Community College

Video Profile: Brian Isaac

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
Varies, depending on chosen educational path.