A cytotechnologist is a medical laboratory technologist who specializes in detecting and diagnosing cancer and other diseases at a cellular level. Cells, cells, cells - that is the job of the cytotechnologist who examines samples under the microscope and formulates a cytological report on the results. Cytology is the study of the structure and the function of cells. Cytotechnologists are specifically trained technologists who work with pathologists to identify changes in cellular material obtained from all body sites for early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. Physicians use the information provided by the cytotechnologists to confirm a diagnosis and recommend treatments. 

Skills Required

  • must enjoy independent, meticulous, microscope work and be comfortable with a high degree of responsibility
  • a problem solver
  • must be accurate and reliable
  • work well under pressure and be able to finish a task
  • must be able to communicate well, both in writing and speaking

To be a cytotechnologist, you must be truly fascinated by what science has to offer and be prepared to explore.

Education/Training Required

4 years (3 year diploma option)

Schools Offering Career Program

Dalhousie University

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
3-4 years