Dental Therapist

Dental therapists are health care providers who conduct primary oral dental treatment and preventive dental services in a variety of settings. Dental therapists work with dentists to provide community-based preventive health programs to meet identified community needs.  Responsibilities include: patient assessment, oral diagnosis, dental radiology, restorative procedures, local anesthesia, oral surgery, periodontal techniques, health education and maintenance/repair of equipment.

Dental Therapists may work for Health Canada, for the Government of Northwest Territories, Nunavut or the Yukon, for First Nations Health Authorities, and may operate in private practice where provincial legislation allows.

Skills Required

  • must be professional and ethical
  • have  a high degree of manual dexterity
  • good vision
  • pay attention to detail and work with precision
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • basic analytical skills and commitment to life-long learning
  • a caring personality and desire to work with people
  • be willing to possibly live in a small community

Education/Training Required


Schools Offering Career Program*

First Nations University of Canada
* NOTE: First Nations University is not currently offering this program.

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Average Starting Salary
$52,000 (formerly)

Growth Rate

Education Required
2 years (formerly)

NOTE: This program no longer exists.