Environmental Technician

Environmental Technology Technicians conduct laboratory and field tests to determine the level and sources of pollution in the environment, usually working under supervision of an environmental scientist. Technicians are involved in the regulations around waste products, testing of air, water, and soil for the levels of pollutants, management of hazardous materials, effecting compliances with environmental regulations and the clean-up of polluted sites using complex instrumentation and advanced monitoring and testing equipment.

Skills Required

  • good verbal and written communication skills
  • be able to organize and prioritize work and operate related equipment
  • be willing to work outdoors, sometimes in remote locations
  • work irregular hours
  • be prepared to come into contact with hazardous chemicals or materials

Education/Training Required

Environmental science technicians require at least two (2) year specialized training or an associate’s degree in environmental science or bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences with concentration on science and math courses

Schools Offering Career Program

First Nations University of Canada

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
4 years