Health Unit Coordinator

Health unit coordinators work in a hospital or office setting assisting nursing staff with non-clinical clerical tasks, and performing a variety of services for patients, visitors and hospital management. They handle everything from maintaining patient charts, scheduling diagnostic tests to ordering supplies and transcribing doctor’s orders ,as well as  serving as an important link between departments, physicians, nursing staff and patients and visitors by receiving new patients and giving information and direction to visitors.  Ongoing exposure to the emotional stress that illness or injury causes patients and their families can be stressful for unit clerks. They work in very busy environments, continually interacting with other people.  Also, might be known as Unit Clerk, Unit Coordinator, Nursing unit assistant, Administrative Support Personnel, Hospital Unit/Ward Clerk, Office Personnel, Ward Clerk.

Health unit coordinators work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, public health care agencies, nursing homes.

Skills Required

  • good organizational and time management skills
  • excellent oral and written communication skills in English including fluency in medical terminology
  • good at multi-tasking
  • the ability to work efficiently despite frequent interruptions
  • the ability to pay close attention to detail and maintain a high level of accuracy
  • emotional maturity and the ability to handle stress
  • the ability to maintain patient confidentiality
  • good interpersonal skills especially the ability to effectively manage difficult behaviours sometimes exhibited by people in distress
  • the ability to work with minimal supervision as well as in a team environment

Health Unit Coordinators generally should enjoy working with people, operating computer and related equipment, and compiling information.

Education/Training Required


Schools Offering Career Program

New Brunswick Community College

Video Profile: Sharon Knockwood

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
1.5 years