Opticians make lenses for eyeglasses or contact lens based on prescriptions from opthamologists or optometrists. They fit clients with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses; arrange production of eyeglasses and contact lenses; assist clients in the selection of eyeglass frames; and provide information on procedures for inserting, removing and cleaning contact lenses. Other duties may include grinding and polishing lenses and adjusting finished eyeglasses to fit client. Most opticians are employed by retail trade companies, manufacturers, medical laboratories, and optometrists’ offices.

Skills Required

  • a courteous, pleasant manner
  • good communication skills
  • critical thinking and conflict resolution skills                   
  • the ability to analyze and interpret customer issues
  • the ability to pay close attention to details
  • a good sense of spatial relationships                        
  • the finger dexterity required to manipulate small objects and instruments

Education/Training Required


Schools Offering Career Program

Oulton College

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
1.5 years