Physician (Doctor)

General practitioners and family physicians diagnose and treat the diseases, physiological disorders and injuries of patients.  A general practitioner/family physician is responsible for the primary care of their patients. They provide primary contact and continuous care toward the management of patients' health. They perform examinations and routine surgical procedures; prescribe and administer medications and treatments; order lab tests and x-rays; and give families health-related advice. Family physicians usually work in private practice, including group or team practices, hospitals and clinics.

Skills Required

  • the intellectual ability required to successfully complete the required academic training and to continue learning life long
  • the ability to get along with people and instil confidence
  • the stamina required to work long hours
  • emotional strength and maturity
  • good communication skills
  • the ability to work effectively in a health care team
  • aptitude for finding solutions to problems

Education/Training Required

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Schools Offering Career Program

Dalhousie University
Memorial University

Video Profile: Dr. Jillian Bailey

Average Starting Salary

Growth Rate

Education Required
7 years