Ever wonder how much money different health care jobs might pay you when you start working? Have you been looking for information on which careers offer the best job prospects for the future? Do you want to know how long it'll take you to earn a degree that will allow you to pursue the career you love?

If so, we're here to help! Check out the numbers in the table below for answers to all those questions. You can use the data in the table to help decide what career might be best for you.

But remember--the most important factor when choosing a career is to find a career you'll enjoy. A career is usually a big part of your life. You will spend many hours of every day, and perhaps many years of your life, in your chosen career. Money is great, but being happy is often greater!

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Career Starting
Addictions Counselor $36,400 Varies N/A
Audiologist $55,120 Varies 3 years
Cardiology Technologist $36,400 Varies 1-2 years
Child and Youth Care Worker $39,520 Good 1-2 years
Chiropractor $62,400 Varies 4 years + Bachelor Degree
Cytotechnologist $48,880 Varies 3-4 years
Dental Assistant $24,960 Fair 1 year
Dental Hygienist $45,760 Varies 2-3 years
Dental Therapist $52,000 Varies 2 years
Dentist $128,960 Varies 8 years
Denturist $52,000 Poor 1.5-3 years
Dietician/Nutritionist $33,280 Varies 1-4 years
Environmental Health Officer $33,280 Varies 4 years
Environmental Technician $39,520 Varies 4 years
Health Educator $46,800 Varies 1-4 years
Health Services Administrator $46,800 Varies 1-4 years
Health Unit Coordinator $31,200 Varies 1.5 years
Home Health Care Worker $20,280 Good 1-2 years
Human Services Worker $24,960 Good 1 year
Kinesiologist $31,200 Varies 4 years
Massage Therapist $20,800 Varies 2 years
Medical Laboratory Assistant $37,440 Varies 1 year
Medical Laboratory Technologist $31,200 Good 2-2.5 years
Medical Secretary/Office Admin $24,960 Fair 1-2 years
Nuclear Medicine Technologist $54,080 Good 4 years
Nurse - Licensed Practical (LPN) $35,360 Good 2 years
Nurse Practitioner $70,720 Good 6 years
Nurse - Registered  (RN) $47,840 Good 4 years
Occupational Therapist $52,000 Good 6 years
Optician $41,600 N/A 1.5 years
Optometrist $43,680 Varies 7 years
Paramedic $34,320 Varies 1 year
Pharmacist $54,080 Good 4 years
Pharmacy Technician $39,520 Varies 1 year
Physician (Doctor) $122,720 Good 7 years
Physiotherapist $49,920 Fair to Good 6 years
Psychologist $49,920 Varies 6-8 years
Radiation Technologist $43,680 Good 4 years
Radiological Technologist $48,880 Good 4 years
Recreation Therapist $37,000 Limited 4 years
Respiratory Therapist $49,920 Varies 3-4 years
Social Worker $37,440 Good 4 years
Speech Pathologist $59,280 Varies 6 years

Things to consider when choosing a career:

Starting Salary

Starting Salary is the average "entry-level" amount of money workers make when starting out in this career, fresh out of college or university.

Growth Rate

Fast-growing careers will likely have more job openings today and in the future.  That means you'll have a greater chance of finding a job and earning a higher salary in that career field. (Note: In the chart on this page, "Varies" means that the rate varies by province.)

Education Required

The number of years of post-secondary education (college or university) required to qualify for the career.